Rainbow Flash

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Health food supplement
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Rainbow Flash
54g 300mgx180grain
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54g 300mg X 180 grain


Rainbow Flash



-rainbow Flashis- Stone lotus extract/Africamango Nokiekisu as well as Vitamin C,VitaminB,Niacin,Zinc, and Chromium of which seven of the component named after rainbow well balanced combination.



The product is effective by above combination and for quite a few patient of diabetes and obesity that keep rising without distinction of age for metabolic measures and diet.(See below about main ingredient)



-Stone lotus extract is paid attentinon from a decade ago as  typical materials of diabetes measures,which is a kind of cactus belonging to Jing heaven department growing with naturally in longevity zone uses as medicinal plants.For this reason,it has been studyed for more than 10 years to solve the mystery of longevity,and patented in Japan.<3097997Pure natural Hypoglycemic agent>Stone lotus extract keeps in normal state Insulin secretion without excess or deficiency.promoting self-healing power. Besides and restrains absorption of in small intestine. and existing increasing activity of fat burning action and collagen 


-africa mango extract is lately hot topics not only in Japan but in USA where alot of obesity. growing in wetland in Africa and India.and it has been used as medicinal plants that reduce the body weight. In America it is used as row material of supplement for reducing weight and countermeasure metabolic. This material called Adiponectin Good guys hormone work for suppressin of appetite and absorption of carbohydrates Amylase inhibition and restrain transformation blood sugar into neutral fat(Anti-glycation action) and to improve the work of insulin, and the lipid metabolism. From this reason, it is effective for metabolic measurement and diet.

-To combine Vitamin and minerals appealing to sugar and lipids such as Vitamin C,Bgroup, Niacin, zinc and chromium expects synergy.


Africa mango nokiekisu,Stone lotus extract,Zinc yeast,Chromium yeast,Microcrystalline cellulose,VC,Emulsifier,Fine silicon dioxide,Nicotinic acid amide,VB1,VB6,VB2, VB12



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